##Summary Blocitoff is an application that allows users to create self-destructing to-do lists. It helps motivate users and keep lists manageable by automatically deleting to-do items more than seven days old.

##Explanation Blocitoff allows users to do the following:

  1. Sign in and out of Blocitoff
  2. View their profile page
  3. Create multiple to-do items and have them appear immediately
  4. Mark to-do items as completed and have them deleted immediately
  5. See how old items are with items older than 7 days deleted automatically

##Problem The main issue I had in implementing creation and deletion of items was having both actions occur immediately using AJAX without the need for reloading a page. Having worked with Ruby and Ruby on Rails for awhile, I had to refresh myself on frontend DOM manipulation.

##Solution After implementing my create and destroy solutions, I was able to create and delete items, which I was able to verify using my local server.

$('.js-items').empty().append("<%= j render(@item) %>");
$('.new-item').html("<%= j render partial: 'items/form', locals: { item: @new_item } %>");

However, both actions were still not updating on the user profile page without refreshing. I was able to fix this issue by adding both the AJAX and jQuery CDNs on the application view via script tags.

##Results After implementing both script tags, item creation and deletion work immediately without requiring a page reload. Everything works as expected.

##Conclusion This was my second backend specialization project as a part of the Bloc curriculum, and gave me another chance to work with Ruby on Rails as well as refresh my skills with frontend DOM manipulation. Click here to access the code repository on Github.